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Brady Guide, Helpful hints, Etc.

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As posted in thoughts sidebar, I used a gift cert from my folks to get the Brady Guide, normally $25 USD IIRC, I got for $10 USD from a local bookseller.

In the back, surprised to see Hidden Packages did return in the form of cash reserves hidden at wreck sites around the map, most all under water.


I didn't hear of this other then a printed 'secret' about one such location offshore from the Tennis courts along the West Coast. I think this was a guide online that was official, but had not noted the other locations, a nice surprise considering in all my exploring, I was blissfully unaware. The early guide (not BRADY) advised of switching characters at such locations for another attempt at the same stash, I never got this to work, as a cheat, I suppose, but it seems it must follow a particular order to work successfully. Either way, the guide officially shows multiple locations, you likely are aware already, there are differing stashes of weapons at each as well!


For nearly 2 weeks as well, a used GTA V for PC has been on sale at a local Goodwill, Looking at grabbing that eventually, but worried about registration, can you re-register the PC version of GTA V the same as IV??

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