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How to install certain skins for CJ...

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ok, here's the thing:

earlier today, I tried installing some cool "pimp" skins for CJ, but at the "readme" it said:

This mod will give CJ a clean shaven look, gold earings, gold tooth, and blue eyes (etc etc)


To install use an IMG Tool to open the player.img file in your models directory bla...bla...bla......

so, the question is really:

What is a "IMG tool" ??? :huh:

can anyone tell me?

I tried a certain program called "IMG2TGA" or something like that, wich I have used for Tony Hawk's Underground 2, to make boards etc etc (it kinda converted the files I wanted into "pictures" wich I could mod the way I wanted, to then later put them in the game again. Is this the kinda program I need to use for GTASA?


-hope anyone knows

ps: I'm glad for any kinda answers ( exept bad ones :P)

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