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New Zealand Rating Remains Unchanged

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Scoop.co.nz have reported that The Office of Film and Literature Classification have not changed the rating of the modified version of San Andreas (without Hot Coffee) and it is still rated R18.

Now what you see here is a rating system working well, like the European rating system.

“Although the modified game has also received an R18 classification, it was important that we examined the game in light of the new content” said Mr Hastings. “When we classify a game or any other publication we need to examine all its elements before making a decision. We could only be sure that the classification was appropriate once we had done that” he said. The new classification applies only to copies of the game with the ‘Hot Coffee’ modification activated.

“Because the game was already restricted to adults, the new content has not created the need for a higher classification as it has in some other countries. The sex scenes, while not explicit, have reinforced the adult nature of the game” said Mr Hastings.

Having said that the modified game is unlikely to be offered for sale as it violates certain copyrights.

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