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Cherry Popper Factory


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Here is a small list for the Cherry Popper Mission, with the locations, and how much money you get in each part of town.

First of, to get to the Cherry Popper Ice cream Factory, take the bridge from Starfish Island across, to West VC, and the Ice Cream Factory, will be straight ahead to the left.

Buy it for $20000.

Now in the mission, you have to go around town distributing "goodies" to people. You msut sell 50 Ice Cream Goodies in a row, to finsih the mission, but be careful the more you sell and saty in one area, the higher your wanted level will get, so drive around after you hav distributed a couple of Goodies.

My tip, go to Vice Port and circle around there, because there is a Pay-N-Spray close to there.

The List:

Escobar International Airport-------$12 for each transaction

Starfish Island-------$18 for each transaction

Prawn Island-------$14 for each transaction

Little Havanna-------$8 for each transaction

Little Haiti-------$8 for each transaction

Pretty much everywhere else-------$10 for each transaction

Tell me if you got soemthing different for the areas.

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