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While I was registering my PSP at YourPSP.com I came across the Liberty City Stories section finding 3 low-quality digital screenshots and various bits of information. It also lists the game as an October 2005 release.

• An outstanding technical achievement, Liberty City Stories pushes the PSP to it absolute limit, resetting the publics understanding and expectations of what is possible on a hand held gaming system.

• See Liberty City like never before. Experience a whole new adventure in the three classic boroughs: Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Dripping with nostalgia, each neigbourhood has been meticulously created for the PSP with <b>all new businesses, pedestrians and adventures.</b>

• An all-new cinematic adventure that follows Toni Cipriani's return to Liberty City, his involvement with the Leone's, and their bitter turf war against the Sindacco family, the police force and the Mayors office.

• Freedom to play the game your way-play through the varied missions, or interact freely with the sprawling city.

• Drive the best vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto universe. Get on two wheels with the debut of motorcycles in Liberty City, <b>jack new cars</b>, trucks and other vehicles while they cruise the streets.

• Lookin' Sharp! For the first time <b>different outfits</b> have been made available to the player in Liberty City.

• Amazing 3D visuals on the PSP due to <b>enhanced draw distance, new lighting and shading models, as well as real-time reflections</b>.

If you like digital screenshots, rather than bad looking scans, then visit the Liberty City Stories section of YourPSP.com

Our site will be updated soon with more digital screenshots.

UPDATE: The link goes to the South African Mirror of YourPSP.com because the page is no longer available on mirrors for other locales, for example on the UK mirror the page has been taken down for some unknown reason.

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Very nice. I hope that by businesses they mean "buyable assets that tack on more missions." So far I've only seen two new cars, a muscle car going into a pay 'n spray and what appears to be an unmarked police car/taxi. (Not the FBI Kuruma) I expect draw distance on par with San Andreas PS2. Hopefully better shadows than PS2 SA. Lighting will probably work out well because of the PSP's screen. What sounds cool is the Mayor's office, perhaps a signaling return of Alex Shrub from Vice?

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