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More Possible Teaser Sites


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You might remember about 3 weeks ago I discovered the possible teaser sites by researching domains owned by Rockstar. Well it turns out they've registered some more, Neil has found the following domains all on Rockstar's servers.

  • Ammunation.net - This was the name of the gun store in all GTA games.
  • CitizensUnitedNegatingTechnology.com and .org - I've already explained the rudeness of this domain, or it's acronym anyway, (C.U.N.T)
  • FreeCoq - Who knows what will go here, something humourous I would imagine. Also note that coq is French for cock (as in the bird not the phallic synonym) so Rockstar could easily do something with the pun here.
  • Lips106FM.com - The name of one of the confirmed radio stations that also appeared in GTA3, I personally don't think Rockstar will use this, they never used WCTR.org for the San Andreas radio station.
  • NewMarketingReadThis.com - This could be to do with Love Media, the internet was starting to get huge back in 1998 so it's probably the start of something new for them.
  • PauliesRevue.net - This is the name of Sex Club Seven before Lugi arrived on the scene. You'll get missions from JD O' Toole who owns this place.

So there we have all the domains, the other domain we didn't list was bathtubginstill.com, as this isn't in the same server location as the aforementioned domains, it also displays a file not found error message.

Having said all this Rockstar may never use them, we'll just have to wait.

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