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Graphics RE... [newest GTA to last game 'out']


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This could go under GTA 6 heading as I think we'll all be focused on that upcoming [mis]Adventure, but I decided to put it in Gen Disc...

Graphics are a hot topic when you consider we are now in a new era of Forced Obsolescence

The Consoles in particular that we buy ether for Network and spec advantage, or killer apps;

We're now forced to 'bin' to put it one way... all old computers and consoles in 2023

How could that be, it's rather well known Rockstar announced GTA Six will only work on Microsoft Xbox latest 'boxes', and Playstation 5 alone, no PC mentioned... go figure

However, for PCs you might require....might.... a little something called API Direct X

Gaming graphics under control of a latest, greatest Windows OS, at the moment, still Windoze 11, but Microsoft, who ties in DX12 etc, has decided TPM, or built in protections should be better regulated under Intel motherboards.

This news came out just in the past year but it means that anything older then 2018 and even 018 Technology , might just be deemed too old and risky to support going forward.

Thankfully I got a platform from 2020 but it's essentially entry level Win11

Gaming on PC with 2019 requirements or better, will be a costly proposition

More to the new trailer 'take-aways', I feel the graphics I'm seeing are rather removed from both RDR & RDR 2

They just don't scream anything above and beyond PS4 [Sony] capabilities as far as environments and peds, however... new console spec can definitely assist the large Scale expected

New locations in one game can be interiors, underwater, caves, under buildings, and travel-to locations by airport or other...


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