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Woke is Us...USA more than most


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I never utter words like Cancel Culture or Woke [agenda] as a life-long US resident, it only seemed to circle the police indifference in the past 5 years perhaps??

I bring the subject up ONLY because it made the legit ''news'' discussions exploring Social Media response to the official RockstarGames GTA VI

WTH PPL? A respectable news outlet decided there was dignity in a response, putting up perhaps an example of 'Click-bait'

I read over their highlighted new, and Improved Twitter-Elon Musk scented X scribes

I doubt they... the crusaders of what is Woke, can tell us ''newbs'' what it means, it sounds like Woke might describe those fresh off the proverbial turnip-truck

As the saying used to go....oh, right... before your time Haha

the gist appears to be summed up in a new fervor of attack...maybe it's Cyber-bullying of sorts, to create a non-existent argument for Politically Correct gaming long over-due, apparently...

But there appeared a complaint in there about being subject to a female protagonist! OMG... Stop the Presses!!!

I, myself, just wagered on the GTA series future game idea of playing as woman, and like RDR now, before it, can garner more women actually playing the more predominantly male-orientated crime franchise... any, really

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addendum, less spell check, but even without GTA5 as a guideline, I thought GTA should have any number of playable characters, man, women, old, young....but not too....

animals as you'll also recall, showed up in GTA5 already, if you found and ate a ''shroom'' you'll know of whence I speak. Just ignore the above ''just'' it was a typo of sorts, the idea didn't just occur to me as it implies. The Woke reference is that GTA is supposedly employing Woke-ness... I say No Way, on that front!

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