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Voice of Townley aka De Santa.. LIVE!


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Not a lot going on here despite mountains moving in Rockstar Games land!!  ..   hopefully you guys get back here soon, I can't be the only one stuck in offline Limbo for so long!

That said and out of the way...  I do YouTube all the time and thanks in part to Stay in place, self isolation of the WW Pandemic, lots of public engagements got shelved and celebs wound up taking the time to interact with fans on Social Media instead of touring year and month after month... So it happened around the same time the GTA6 news drops, I see Ned Luke is out there interacting as well, he's live streaming with Solo who plays Franklin Clinton as well as talking to the voice of RDR so I hear, but didn't witness...

Along with Ned Luke doing can't miss Live Streaming...it's recorded for review thankfully... There's been the unofficial leaks and not long before or during, Rockstar official staff out talking about GTA despite their NDA... Non Disclosure Agreements. Thankfully no one got arrested there, but the news got out in trickles, What happens behind closed doors at Rockstar North


the GTA6 trailer is being analyzed as well so presentation of what people are seeing and taking away are up for open discussions

Most exciting is leaving a Thank You to Ned Luke on his page, and a shout out for the Love we have of their contribution to video game HISTORY!!

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