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Sounds NEW to me, a Rockstar First!

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Not sure the best place for this post but I'm going YouTube crazy with more than just a 10th Ann run-thru with Ned Luke and occasional GTAO stuff, but checking out all the Rockstar Games Voice Actor YT stuff I never knew about for some reason. Lots of it starts with gaming and TV Movie Conventions , few of which, ever held around where I live

Actors voicing Red Dead Redemption and GTA have popped up in the past 2-10 years and obviously with GTA6 now a bit less than hinted and leaked, it seems more interest daily

Getting established with the gaming community mostly online, a Year ago, thereabouts, is Solo, voice actor Shawn who plays Franklin Clinton in GTA5,.

I've not followed him before Ned made plenty of references about him and who is a voice talent that actually games, for their own personal fun [Trevor Philips' Steven Ogg does not, be forewarned]

Anyway, turns out Solo asked and got permission for his own Server from Rockstar, on an established player platform called FiveM if memory's serving,,,


Solo had to pre-empt a lot of his plans to do a GTA online experience of his own due to difficulty with the help... Anyone who's tried a non-GTAForums community on their own...hint, hint...

They know this crap first hand

Again, surprised in the first place Rockstar Games lets these voice-motion capture actors talk at length about the game, but that Solo is estute enough to want to take on the server operation for his own gaming, he tried other avenues expressly to that end, ... Like Twitch, but few people might be likely to go that route, so following Ned Luke's lead, he's setting up a system on YouTube to not only stream game fun segments along with Ned and Signing and giveaways of his own stuff, AWESOME!! BTW

He's going to be showing segments of his personal life as well, and it's all very very cool!!

Wish he could get Young Mayley of GTA San Andreas to stop in at some point, he's shown us his own dog, baring I think, a close resemblence to Chop!


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