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As with every new year, Anniversary time!!

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Just as a tech-aside; The VHS JVC VCR already had a footing, but every year, Sony out-did them with new Technology offerings, in the Betamax video tape realm

Just to point out to y'all too young, whippesnappers... 1984 being 40 years in the not too distant past, marks a notable upgrade for VCR owners and buyers

First VHS Video Home System by Victor Company of Japan debuted

HR-D725U VCR model marked the first VHS Hi-Fi Stereo, linear stereo Video machine from the founding company

I can attest, having owned two, NEC made the second one I picked up, rare and rarer still today, but NEC branded what JVC initially designed, a super high fidelity Audio system that the ads say rivaled all the other equipment of the day, if not outperformed it!

A blocky remote, wireless even then... came with, unique to that was separate On and OFF buttons. A feature of early new tech decks of this type, are that linear tracking STEREO 2-channels still existed on machines because previous media aka tapes, did not have HiFi instantly available

Another key feature of these era machines is that they included TWIN  MIC as in Microphone inputs, Left and Right instead of a combo. A Headphone Jack, L/R meters and Level  adjust,

the ability to Audio Dub onto already recorded tape, a new linear stereo track, or two discrete single channels, while Hi-Fi was Depth-Multiplexed into the Helical scan video signal part of the tape, hence, these made excellent audio tape machines, as did LaserDisc for CDs that got scratched and beat up, the LaserDisc could play them in later years better than stand-alones

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