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New System Update Software V2.01 for PSP Available


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This new firmwire has just recently been released.


• Fixes crash when adding many movies for conversion.

• Fixes movie conversion failure when using 4:3 aspect ratio.

This was taken from PSPUpdates

WARNING: HOMEBREWS/LOADERS CAN'T BE EXECUTED ON PSP WITH SYSTEM VERSION 1.51 OR ABOVE. Currently the downgrade is only availabe for v2.0 PSPs. Make sure you REALLY know this fact and WANT to upgrade to the new version!!!

This update is released for fixing the security flaw found in the system software v2.0 from October, 3rd.

CAUTION: This update is only for customers who obtained PSP (PlayStation Portable) for Japan which model number is PSP-1000 or PSP-1000 K or PSP-1000 KCW. Upon completion of preparing, we will announce update information for the other countries/areas customers via SCE Group Web Site or other channels . For these customers who obtained PSP in the other countries/areas, please DO NOT update PSP through this web site. There are no guarantee of proper operation of the other PSP.

So, this time it doesn’t void your warranty? From what we can tell so far, this patch is made to beef up security which I'm 99% sure is a direct effect from the toc2rta buffer overflow.

Also, the North American PSP official website has not been updated.

Some of our users have noticed that there is a new system update software available for download via "Network Update". There is no sign on both the Japanese and the American PSP official website. There is a 99.9999% chance, it will stop you from accessing homebrew for quite a long time!! So please be warned:

Don't update until you are sure you want to miss the scene!

We are trying to figure out the content of this update. Please stay tuned for our news.

Thanks to our users: Karulio and DesolataX for the heads-up!!

You can get it in our PSP Download section here?



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