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SA TCI by mvi

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Some of you that have downloaded GTA LVS will have seen my installer script, I've now made it run from a softcoded script. It's designed for tcs and the uncompressed file size is about 2 meg so not the best for including in small mods but that's not to say that it can't be used with any small time mods people make.

It features, img replacing, adding, file deletion, adding (copying) and directory making. It does not feature img deletion as that would require a rebuild and I really don't see a neccesity for it.

It's probably still got a fair share of bugs so if you could tell me if it comes up with any errors that would be great. This version doesn't work so well with modded games and afterall is designed for tcs which generally require unmodded games.




This was made on wackedouts img tool code which he so kindly gave me so thanks also go out to him.

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