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Uninstall and cant install!


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I uninstalled my San Andreas awhile ago so i could install a new game. But I went to install it and it said play in the menu thing that pops up. I was like "wtf". It dont work, I cant install it or anything. So i went to my control panel to uninstall it and it gives me and error. Now I cant install my San Andreas at all.

The error says: error loading C:\prgram\blah\blag\10\50\intel34\Ctor.dll"

I dont know what to do.

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I had this probly once with age of empires age of kings.

I just bought it and came home, installed it. then clicked play game. Then the computer went *beep!* then a message poped up saying there was some error. I could'nt play it, but I knew the cd was'nt defective. So I saved all the stuff I needed from my computer onto some cd-r discs, then I reformatted my hardrive.

Then I installed it again and the game worked and the error was gone.

I have no idea what caused it, but it probly was something else installed on my computer that conflicted with the game causeing it to have a error, proply was a demo I had installed from Cnet.

So you could try that, it;s a bit extreme but it might work.

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bad luck :P

maybe try to search your computer is there a copy of this file ad then replace it, or go to that location and maybe the file should be in the other folder so try putting it in some nearby folders. I had this folder thing that caused my antivirus software always find an error when preforming scan. actually, just some file wasn't place correcty, that's all.

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