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So you want to run homebrew huh?


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<img src="http://thegtaplace.com/images/news/helloworld.jpg" hspace="5" align="left">It seems as though an amazing game was not the only thing that you received when you spent 50 dollars, more or less, on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Even though I think homebrew software for the PSP is a load of bollocks, I decided to post this cause most PSP owners don't. For all you peeps out there who accidentally upgraded to any firmware above 2.0 wanting to play Who wants to be a millionare or PSP Chess, for instance, then this is just your day!

Apperantly some character called Fanjita, who is a proud moderator at the imaginatively named PSPUpdates website, found an exploit in the game save for GTA: Liberty City Stories (which he proudly snatched from Edison Carter's Cheat Device) that enables unsigned code (otherwise known as homebrew) to be ran on the PSP. Rather going into more detail, i'll just direct you to PSPupdates themselves for more info where you'll also find a download link.

If you can't get this to work/uploaded/downloaded/removed or if it f*cks up your Liberty City Stories save game (and even break your PSP) then please don't email us as we will most certainly not be able to help you.

Please email any questions to PSPUpdates by <a href="mailto:[email protected]">clicking here</a>. The so called team over there would be happy to help you.

Source: #1 PSP News Site, PSPUpdates

Also for those of you who didn't know already, Edison Carter updated his Cheat Device yet again after our last post. The latest update makes it possible to trigger the snapshot while holding other buttons. Click the links below to download and visit Edison Carter's website for more info.

LCS Cheat Device for firmware 2.0, 2.01 and 2.5 only:

US/Canada version 0.3c: CheatDevice03cUS.zip

UK/EU version 0.3c: CheatDevice03cUK.zip

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Exactly! Only people interested in homebrew etc. would know what this is all about. But for people like me and you it is like reading the yellow pages.... "meaningless"

You didn't understand my question. I'm asking you what is contained in this pack. Another words, sure the exploit is there, but what is this going to do when I run it?

I was only interested in homebrew until I decided I didn't use it enough to lose out on GTA.

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What pack? I didn't download this. All I know is that you can run homebrew on 2.x firmware where at first it could have only been done on previous versions.

So basicly you first need to "boot" this before you run homebrew such as who wants to be a millionaire or whatever.

Ok, but I'm wanting an explanation. What does it do? How do we run it? It is just telling us how they made it work. I'm not seeing anything saying how to run the homebrew, what works with it, etc.

Oh, and BTW, it isn't the first exploit for 2.x

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