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LCS Fully Equipped Giveaway Winners and more...

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Rockstar sent out their latest broadcast via email earlier this morning, those of you who actually scroll to the bottom of emails (thanks for reminding me Adriaan) will know that the LCS competition winners have been announced.

Quoted from the email:

Big, big shout out to all the winners of our latest sweepstakes, the Liberty City Stories Fully Equipped Giveaway. Especially, grand prize winner, Catherine Bourne of The Woodlands, TX who won a Liberty City Stories outfitted PSP™ complete with skins, hardshell case, and lanyard carry tag - plus a limited-run Liberty City Stories t-shirt.

Ten runners-up got all the said trimmings, just without the hardware.

By popular demand, the top selling PSP title, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, is also coming to PlayStation 2 this year. So all those that insist on resisting the handheld movement can nevertheless look forward to returning to the unwelcoming streets of the good old LC. Stay tuned for release date announcement and first media.

Rockstar telling us to "stay tuned" for the release date announcement and first media... So I guess that means sometime this month they will release all the information. I'm pretty sure there will be some sort of big announcement very soon anyway, so definitely stay tuned for the latest GTA news right here.

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