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Multiplayer San Andreas News

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I haven't updated you with MTA news for a while now, but Deathmatch is progressing smoothly, and a spectator mode I understand has now be written for deathmatch and is working well.

Deathmatch will also feature ping compensation, explained below.

Shooting might still need some tweaks to work optimally but we're really happy with how it looks, and hell it's accurate. Ping compensation for shooting basically means you can hit moving players pretty accurately by aiming at them rather than trying to predict their future path to hit them. The on-foot sync is also very smooth. As far as I can tell, it's very close to Singleplayer smooth, also when running. Vehicle smoothness is also improved significantly from Race 1.1.1.

I've also added a mirror for MTA Race v1.1.1 in our downloads database, download it here.

As well as that, I added a mirror for gtaT 0.3c, which you can download here

In other MP news, GTA Rumble 0.2a has been released, apparently their 20 player stress-test went well, with any crashes occuring have been fixed, you can find download links to this at GTARumble.co.uk, remember this one is still in early beta stages so don't raise your expectations.

Links: MTA Blog

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Hey, GTARumble is coming along good. I think verison 2 was released the other day. I'm helping Jax do some memory hacking and sync for the next version. Should be cool.

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I have a problem with Gta san andreas online 2.0 version. When i activate the game it shows me an error

and it say this

run- time error 9

subscript out of range

If anybody has an anser send me an email to this addres: [email protected]

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