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The IPB Package should have a install.php file inside it, Navigate to that like www.yoursite.com/forum/ and it should direct you to the installer, if you are new to the website stuff and you havent got a domain, your hosting service should of provided a temp url you could use, again do the same thing If not then please send screenshots of exactly what u have uploaded and information on what ftp uploader you have used...

Hope this helps

Ad :lol:

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Well websites don't just make themselves :P get learning PHP or HTML and code a site...thats why you Have PHP installed on your server, MYSQL is a databasing language used for alsorts of Functions from different languages mainly to do with php.

Want my advice?


Learn a coding language and set yourself up that way, if not try setting yourself up with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive or (sigh) MS Frontpage....

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