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  1. GTA 3 had one of the cooler cities but I would have to say Vice was my favorite...
  2. I love GTA too man but again, we can't rule out the possibility that the new approach may put some off, hope to god it doesn't *touching wood as i type*. To be fair and honest, I was actually going to buy the PS3 just for GTA4 because as we all know, there is something cool about reminissing the good old days of waiting in line at 12am, getting home and powering up the PS2 maybe it's just me... Hope it works out for microsoft though, I know R* were questionning the abilities of both consoles, Hope they don't become biased towards the 360 because of the 5000G's Microsoft is shooving in their faces, that sort of money can put anyones concentration anywhere! who knows, R* may even port the 360 version!?! Crazy but possible!
  3. Would it be wise to expect a pretty competitive price drop to comprehend the $50 million, and tbh, if the eposodic content is much like the addons already out I can bet that they will charge 2200 MS points much like Shivering isles. GTA 4 is going to be a massive seller as we all know but Microsoft are riding a lot on this game. If the change from 'cartoony' visuals and gameplay to more realism doesn't work out and people reject the game (which is deffinitly a possibility that we can't rule out) then who the hell will even buy the content? Looky for Gatesy that he is a rich bitch and is stepping down in a year or so
  4. Nah, with the update of 2.7 I think Rockstar got a bit of a Bo*l*k*n, TBH I reckon that 3.0 will be out by then anyways because of the eyetoy and GPS, wonder whether any accessories for the psp will have any functions within GTA??
  5. Gutted.... Well mine is a Pic of me with an effect I came up with on photoshop, The stars used are also my own images, I actually spent a night out in the country takling photos for my stock album....I know i'm sad...
  6. As I said early, It has been confirmed that 'Gangs of London' isn't actually a free-roam game, it's tactical. Read it here Gamespot Review If rockstar did make the PSP version of GTA in London, It will whipe this off the shelves..
  7. Gangs of london has also been confirmed to be nothing like The Getaway, It's a tactical game much like Metal Gear Ac!d or LOTR Tactics, This could again open the gates for London. London will be either on PSP or PS3 though until we are given some sort of info from rockstar we can only watch and wait..
  8. Any time man, BTW can i just emphise how bad MS Frontpage actually is......sigh....damn you Gates, One day you will insert yourself into a GTA game by mistake, I will make you pay on that day
  9. Well websites don't just make themselves get learning PHP or HTML and code a site...thats why you Have PHP installed on your server, MYSQL is a databasing language used for alsorts of Functions from different languages mainly to do with php. Want my advice? www.good-tutorials.com Learn a coding language and set yourself up that way, if not try setting yourself up with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive or (sigh) MS Frontpage....
  10. I re-read and know realise I do sound like one, Not intentional I swear, and 'The JD' dude....Jet ski's don't really class as buildings or places
  11. Start the Machine and now The War Both by Angels and Airwaves
  12. The IPB Package should have a install.php file inside it, Navigate to that like www.yoursite.com/forum/ and it should direct you to the installer, if you are new to the website stuff and you havent got a domain, your hosting service should of provided a temp url you could use, again do the same thing If not then please send screenshots of exactly what u have uploaded and information on what ftp uploader you have used... Hope this helps Ad
  13. I'm still buying it, I love the PSP version,Can't wait to see what it's like on ps2, even if it is a straight port, The multiplayer is hella fun
  14. Thats one cool vid, I also Downloaded The slide away, I must say they are nicely produced. BUT! whats with thecrazed mixed accents on Midnight lol, all in all some good stuff, MORE MORE!
  15. What about buildings that are effected by time of day like Sky Scrappers, the underground, train stations and such would be more populated at rush hour and stuff, that way you could plant a bomb or something during the night next to a sky scraper and take out business men as they arrive to work! Destructive scenery would also be cool, maybe they could do something were you can destroy a building and it can be rebuilt over time inside the game. The last thing I would want is something to be built over time as you play the game like the freedom tower in new york or something, that would be cool.
  16. I must agree, i too have witnessed Ghost cars in SA (More in PS2 version than PC) This maybe indicates that it was a Bug? I haven't tried the Xbox version of SA yet but it makes you think doesn't it. I do love it though when your own car blows up in the middle of B-O-B and then as if by god himself a smashed up ghost car comes rolling down the hill, for the first few seconds it's THANKS GOD! then the car hits you or rolls into a tree and blows up......Darn it!
  17. Right, Listening to all the changes you have suggested The second banner has been remade, images have been blended, new bg images used and a new crystal-like effect over the top to add the 'modern' look Chris suggested. If theres more wrong with this one then don't hesitate to say.. Thanks Ad Oh and for anyone who isn't fully familiar with the 'WHOLE' GTA Series, the last guy on the banner is the 'suggested' artwork for the guy you play on GTA 2.
  18. Ok Guys, Chris asked me to make this post so here it is, Which banner would you people prefer to see on the websites main page? The first or Second, Please vote and leave feedback. First Second Thanks PS. this is not a contest just opinions needed. Ad
  19. Thanks Guys Oh btw, Don't know whether I'm allowed to do this in this particular forum but if anyone needs any sigs or avatars doing just ask i like doing things like that...www.concept-designs.co.uk/Photos is an example of my work. Ad
  20. Hey Guys My name is Ad (Xtheleon). I know you will probably think it strange for me to be a registered member for so long and not use my account, well Ican't explain that sorry. Maybe I am just particulary strange, anywho I have been browsing this site for well over 2 years now, I rmemeber it's very first design and such and Remember talking with chris on MSN about PHP coding. It hit me today that when reading the topics on this forum you guys all seem like a good bunch of people with similar interests to myself and with that I would like to ask whether I could attempt to fit in around here, Don't worry I know the rules in which forums run blah blah blah. A little about me I'm a webdesigner/Guitarist, I have a website called ConceptDesigns and a band called CA. I'm in school (yawn) Year 12 sixth former studying ICT, English Language and Business Studies while also using my time to progress with my earlier mentioned interests. I'm 16, Like to dress smart, like to browse the net, Love to hang with my Girl friend, Like to create music and websites, Like to play GTA and well Like a lot of other things. I hope you guys will be Ok with me here because the last thing I want is to seem as if I am intruding. Thanks again Ad
  21. Atticus

    video on psp

    PSP Video 9 is your best bet, It does everything for you... Google it if your still having trouble.
  22. It has to be London, Think about it, Rockstar must be sick of using the same old cities for so long now, London would be the best bet because it has already been released, I think if anything maybe not 60 again but deffinitly 80-early 90's London this would then allow rockstar to leave the older places behind and continue with what they originally done with the PS1 titles. My opinion not a fact
  23. I know people keep saying that they don't want rockstar to waste their time making old games seem new rather than concentrating on gta 4 but remember the PS2 GTA series was created by Rockstar NORTH, LCS is being made by Rockstar LEEDS so when you think about it GTA fans are receiving a bonus because after all they could of just said no and made fans and fansites wait at least another year for new things to happen, instead they decided to squeeze one last drop out of the PS2 Saga of GTA just for us and yet people still complain....Sigh
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