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Mission Changer?


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Well there isn't a mod as such to do this but it is possible to edit missions and a whole load of other stuff by editing the main.scm script file. This requires quite a high level of knowledge of C++ to code your own missions etc. But it is possible. E.G: Vice City: Long Night - Zombified Vice City. So the answer is No a Gamer cannot change missions in Vice City but a Programmer sure can.

Edit: Read Post #4.

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:blink: Well Well Well looks like I have been out of touch with GTA VC for too long. Well Slayer was right search the Downloads database for a Vice Vity Mission Builder. I haven't used it myself so I don't know how it works or what it's learning curve is. Have fun with it and sorry once again about the wrong info. :bleh: Edited by The JD
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