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    Bad Idea...

    In my opinion, this is a really bad idea. First of all, the Game Boy Advance is not a system capable of handling the needs of a game such a Grand Theft Auto. Second, Nintendo is a game company that's aiming in a younger crowd than the rest of the game companies. Especially Game Boy is for children to pre-teens. I, for one, bought Game Boy Color at the age of 10. Consequently, Game Boy Advance cannot host even a pixel of a Grand Theft Auto game. On the other hand, PSP, a new state-of-the-art handheld system, with excellent graphics, digital sound and net play is an ideal host of a GTA game. That's what I think... Those who agree with me, those who don't, state your ideas below.
  2. I'm back in the forums!!! Well, there's a 0.000000001% of kids being in the game, but I'm sure R* wouldn't go so far. Personally, I wouldn't have any problem killing kids in the game
  3. Maggotkill

    I took it!

    Dudes! I took the game! I've finally bought it!!! I'll play a little through it and let u all know about impressions. I'm a little drunk now, so I can't talk much. I really miss this forum, BTW. But I'm back! And I'm here to stay!
  4. Maggotkill

    Radio... is dead.

    Just when I expected some cool music for Liberty City Stories, I saw that I was deceiving myself. The music which sums the OST of this game really sucks in my opinion. No quality, all pop/techno shit taking over and nothing rock or metal. It's got me stuck listening to LCFR (the talking radio)! If you guys don't agree with me, please enlist your ideas.
  5. Maggotkill

    Favorite Character?

    The characters of Vice City sure are many and deep... Each of them has his/her own personality and characteristics which mark him/her unique. So, who is your favorite character?
  6. People, with the now officially announced Vice City Stories, we need to know who its main character will be! So... who will it be, do you think?...
  7. I really think that it's very unlikely for animals to be put in the game. I mean, think about it; Animal organizations will instantly ban the game, unless some animals will only appear and cannot be harmed in any way.
  8. Maggotkill

    Does the music make GTAVC better?

    It is simply the fact that it's less complicated.
  9. Maggotkill

    WTF is zap?!

    Chris dude, please give me the address!
  10. Maggotkill

    WTF is zap?!

    From the mission "Overdose of Trouble", there is a big run for a "zip". Does anyone know what the hell this is? (Toni doesn't know as well, so don't blame me!)
  11. Maggotkill

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    A city of Greece! Athens or Thessaloniki would be a great idea!
  12. Maggotkill

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    It's more than unlikely for Leo to be in the game. Who on earth would like a person who is known that he later dies to be a main character? Yeah, I'd like to see that.
  13. Maggotkill


    Or a more interesting idea would be to try it yourself...
  14. Maggotkill

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    Hmm... Interesting front. It'd be cool to see Donald say his toilet-philosophies again, but it'd be kinda bizarre to see him eat people (he's a cannibal, if you didn't figure it out)...
  15. Maggotkill

    2 more PSP GTA games to come.

    You actually don't know about the release of Vice City Stories? O_O Go here and get updated: http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecitystories/
  16. Maggotkill

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    People, with this matrix of ideas about the main character of the next Grand Theft Auto game on PSP, we now only need to wait until the time comes for our ears to hear the magic name. So, will it be... -Tommy Vercetti? -Lance Vance? -Ricardo Diaz? -Umberto Robina? -Claude? -A whole new character? Only time will tell... Or, to be exact, Rockstar will tell..
  17. Maggotkill

    Da Da Vinci Code

    I saw it on friday; awesome one.
  18. Maggotkill

    Radio... is dead.

    To tell the truth, at first I hated the OST of San Andreas. I then discovered Radio X... Man, this station is just awesome! Awesome 90s alternative metal! But you have to be.. in this kinda stuff to like this station; u know... The DJ there is female has suchhh a hot voice, though! Her name's Sage.
  19. Maggotkill

    help in a mission

    If I'm not mistaken, you're probably talking about the mission called "The Made Man" when JD gets killed. Dude, what you have to do after driving Mickey to his house, is to check the map to see a nearby spot where see is located. From where you are, if I remember right, you have to go reverse and then turn to the left. The see whould be further in front of you. Keep gaining speed and when you're near the edge, press the triangle button to bail out of the car, which should then drop into the water, thus making this mission passed. Sorry if the above confuses you; it's kinda late and my mind's not working properly. If you can't still get it, I recommend you see a FAQ/walkthrough at GameFAQs. Good luck, buddy!
  20. Maggotkill

    Eurovision 2006

    Guys, I'm so proud of Lordi winning! METALHEADS UNITE!!! The Lithuanian song was so funny, BTW!
  21. Maggotkill

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    Anyway; I stick with my theory for Claude to be a main character...
  22. Maggotkill


    Thanx a lot, dudes.
  23. Maggotkill

    WTF is zap?!

    Hmmm... I see.. That would be a logical answer. But, to be sure, does anyone have Rockstar's email or sth?
  24. Maggotkill

    how can i dig with the shovel?

    Hey, can someone make a mod for digging? It would so frolicking awesome.
  25. Maggotkill


    frolicking awesome! I've never seen it, but of course I believe you. Can someone tell me the locations it is usually seen? I wanna see it...