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LCS PS2 Review

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There's been very little in the way of any media to do with the Playstation 2 release of Liberty City Stories. One magazine here in England that I did notice that has a review of the game is issue number 82 of PSW, which contains a 4-page article.

As expected, nothing new has been added to the game, it is a straight-forward port of the PSP version, and in fact it will actually ship with less features, as the multiplayer modes have been taken out, although this was somewhat obvious as PS2's don't have an AdHoc mode, although some 2-player action San Andreas style would have been nice.

To be honest, the only pros over the PSP version have to be the slightly sharper graphics and faster loading times, thanks to the PS2's superior power. Not to mention you'll also get to play it on a much bigger screen. If you already have the PSP version there probably isn't much point in you buying the game unless you're a hardcore GTA fan.

Having said all that it is a cheap game whatever country you are in, only £14.99 here in the U.K, while in the U.S. the game apparently sells for $19.99, and in Europe, €19.99. I will try and get myself a copy of the magazine to get a few quotes directly from it.

If like me you're more eagerly awaiting Vice City Stories, or indeed GTA4, then check out our forums for all the latest discussions. Some popular topics include our legendary GTA4 Wishlist, which has so far amassed over 750 replies and has had over 28,000 views. I get many requests to add these to the GTA4 section of the website but this simply cannot happen due to it's popularity, however, I may get the forum staff to get together a choice few wishes that seem to be popular so we can post those up on the website.

Stay tuned for more updates! And don't forget to keep your eye on both Multi Theft Auto and SA-MP, as both multiplayer mods are being updated quite often now and are evolving well with new features coming along nicely!

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