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Edit Police Lights


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Nope. Police sirens (including the lights) are entirely hard-coded and are pretty much entirely ineditable. It's one of the basic things in the game that they never expected to change. It doesnt change on-the-fly (like time or health) and isn't editable in the main.scm, which is for missions and what-happens-when.

Most we can hope for is the capability to play about with them in GTA4, I'm afraid.

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It isnt in the main.scm - thats mission/story type data (eg when you go somewhere something happens). The siren is hardcoded into the machine code.

You could hack the memory (as in RAM) to change when they came on, or write a separate program to play the siren sound, but you can't edit a particular car to always have the siren.

There are just some things you can't change I'm afraid.

As for GTA4, Rockstar will be LESS inclined to allow modding, regardless of the big community behind it. The Hot Coffee mod (which was based on a mistake of theirs anyway) cost them millions,

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Ill try that (i dont plan to get gta4 yet) but is it installed in my ram?? then main scm file has a script that i dont understand the code languadge. So i might need some help. What location is the center of the car. So then when I get it i can make a can make a cool car!!

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