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How to add cars in gta vc :?::?::?::?:

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can someone help me that how can i add cars like download a car from this website and add that car into gta vice city like do i have to copy files and paste them in a folder or something please help me in that thank you :erm:

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ok since no1 is helping u ill tell u

ok theres 2 ways to get cars onto the game

manual install or VCMM

VCMM is the most easyest way

ill tell u that way

BTW u dont get new cars u replace them with a diff car

ok when u go on the downloads and when u go on cars some of them has this next to it (VCM)

Download them ones and download the d wheel mod thing too its pinned on the top of the cars section

but first u need Vice City Mod Manager

u can get this on the link --> http://www.thegtaplace.com/pafiledb.php?ac...=file&id=37

download that and extract the files download the VCMM and start it

download the car u want and download the Dwheel mod thing pinned on the cars section under the Vice city 1 tho

put the car on program files then on vcm and put it in the mods file

after that go back on the VCMM and click on the car u wanted to download on the VCMM screen

after that click on the car u want to replace and then u should find that car on the game

happy modding! :)

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