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  1. v bit late

  2. Even though your banned, I thought I'd give an old friend a happy birthday!

  3. Hazer = banned legened

  4. Lol Hazer talking of banned...

  5. what happened he is12 he not mature i expected him to get anned

  6. OMG how do him get banned?

  7. y u lolling @ me sky? :-( I thaught we were freinds.....*someone whispers in my ear* Oh rite your lolling @ Oskar. Lol @ u Oskie.

  8. You just had to fuck things up Oskar...

    Meh, now endure the consequences.

  9. Thank the mods for getting him banned. Finally!

  10. Oskar


    Oh yeah? What games do you play that involve concentration so you don't get pwned the shit out of you?
  11. Right click on layer > Blending Options > Stroke > Select stroke size, color. (Thats how you add a border in Photoshop.) Or open the actual window and select stroke > inside > colour > size = 1
  12. B& for thinking Gycu was in a mental clinic. Oh no, he was in a Psycho hospital.
  13. Why only me, Gycu Brun and Chris for names?
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