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    How do u make stuff into (vcm)?

    I wanted to download a modded building ect JVT Kabs But it was too hard to manual install it so i wanted to make life easier and try to make it (VCM) Does Anyone Know How To Do This?
  2. I Thought GTA 4 Was Gonna Be Based In London? There Were Rumours About This???
  3. -.-Hxax-.-

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I Didnt Have A Map ( As On Main Menu ) I Dunno Y ( On Gta 3 ) BTW Corse There Are Gonna Be Bad Things On GTA 3 When GTA 4 Comes Out, U Are Gonna Think San Andreas Should Of Had That They All Get Better Untill Theres Nothing Left To Improve GTA So All U Think That Its Gonna Be The Best From GTA 1? And Be The Worst GTA, Like On The 7th GTA Another Words Im Saying Its Gonna Start The Best And End The Worst?
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    Favourite Song On Vice City

    My Fav Radio Channel On V/C Is "Flash FM" My Fav Song On V/C Is "Out Of Touch - Daryl Hall & John Oates" Other Good Songs On V/C: . Gold - Spandau Ballet . I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sisters . Call Me - Go West Theres More I Like But Cant Be Bothered To Type It All LOL
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    GTA VCS on PC?

    was there any differances between gta3 and lcs? i can only think of 1 and that was there is no map option on the main menu umm btw vcs wont come out of pc unless it comes out next year or something like tha
  6. -.-Hxax-.-

    IBStore 3.1 Beta UPGRADED

    i didnt knw where to post this so i posted here how do u play the quizzes this is wat it looks like The GTA Store Description Status Users Played Time Left Play Chrisz Easy VC Quiz A very easy quiz about Vice City. You should get them all right for easy money. Prize is $500 500 Open 188 Days Crazychicken17's dead easy GTA3 quiz An easy GTA3 quiz made by CC17 800 Open 103 Days nick_kang's GTA VC Mixed Questions A quiz about GTA Vc containing a mixture of easy and hard questions plus a trick one 2,000 Open 69 Days Biggamer132's Leone Family Quiz How much do you know about the Family? 2,000 Open 127 Days Miller's Vice City Quiz Easy or hard, you decide 2,250 Open 77 Days Chrisman's easy/hard VC quiz Both hard and easy questions 1,200 Open 84 Days Precision Bass' Everything GTA Quiz Quiz for GTA1 to GTA:SA 100 Open 64 Days Franswurst Vice City Quiz Vice City quiz 2,500 Closed 109 Days Bryce's Supreme Fan Quiz The most difficult quiz ever to be created in the gta community 10,000 Open 71 Days Skyline 787's Quiz 9,000 Open 44 Days Theres no play button??
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    3 Things I Need Help For

    No 1: How Do You Bunny Hop On A BMX, I Only Changed 2 Controls And That Was "E" To Sprint And "Space Bar" To Jump, I Tried Pressing Space Bar To Jump With The BMX But It Does Nothing No 2: How Do You Do A Stoppie Or How Do You Pull A Wheelie, I Told You The Controls I Changed Above No 3: Is There Any Way To Change The Controls For The Mission With Zero When You Fly That Toy Plane Thing And Destroy The Vans And All That Before He Completes The Deliverys The Controls For The RC Plane Was "W" To Go Forward "Q" To Go Left "E" To Go Right I Really Hate Them Controls Cos I Cant Complete That Mission With Them I Want The Controls Changed To "W" To Go Forward "A" To Go Left "D" To Go Right And Lastly "S" To Go Backwards Need Help Badly For All Them Above And Another 1 From Below PLS P.S I Need Help From The SAMI Thing I Downloaded A Mod Witch Was The Nissan Skyline From 2F2F I Folowed The Instructions And When I Start The Game On The Loading Screen It Only Goes Half Way And It Then Freezes
  8. -.-Hxax-.-

    [VC] Community Stunt Vid

    how do u video urself stunting? if i knw how to do it ill join im really gd at stunting once i find out how to video myself stunting ill attach a file so u all can see my stunting
  9. -.-Hxax-.-

    How to add cars in gta vc :?::?::?::?:

    ok since no1 is helping u ill tell u ok theres 2 ways to get cars onto the game manual install or VCMM VCMM is the most easyest way ill tell u that way BTW u dont get new cars u replace them with a diff car ok when u go on the downloads and when u go on cars some of them has this next to it (VCM) Download them ones and download the d wheel mod thing too its pinned on the top of the cars section but first u need Vice City Mod Manager u can get this on the link --> http://www.thegtaplace.com/pafiledb.php?ac...=file&id=37 download that and extract the files download the VCMM and start it download the car u want and download the Dwheel mod thing pinned on the cars section under the Vice city 1 tho put the car on program files then on vcm and put it in the mods file after that go back on the VCMM and click on the car u wanted to download on the VCMM screen after that click on the car u want to replace and then u should find that car on the game happy modding!
  10. I downloaded the new vice city 2004 but i dunno how to make the thing work anyone wanna help me to go on it go on thegtaplace.com then click downloads then click vice city then click mission scripts
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    The New Vice City 2004 - How do you play it?

    How did u get the new vice city thing to work i didnt ask wat is it like lol
  12. -.-Hxax-.-

    The New Vice City 2004 - How do you play it?

    I started a new game and it still runs the old stuff? how do i get it to make it work properly where do i put the folder and all that ?