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Little problem...

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Hello to everybody! I'm new here and I have a problem. I hope somebody will help me ^_^ .

I've downloaded from "the gta place" a car (it's a Toyota Celica) but inside the WinZip file there was only a .vcm file. How can I install it into Vice City?

(Sorry, I know I don't write in perfect English, but I'm Italian!)


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well you do have the vice city mod manager dont you?

if you dont then be sure to download it.

Extract the vcm file into the directory where you installed mod manager into \vcmm\mods\vcm

then start mod manager and install it

I actually wrote a Download FAQ which you can read here - http://www.thegtaplace.com/index.php?page=downloadfaq which should explain things more clearly. Also I am adding manual installs of most cars soon.

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