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While there is currently no GTA related news to post I thought I'd post this.

The Hype Council have asked us if we would like to promote a couple of upcoming games. The games are Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, both banners are in the rotator above (you get a random one upon loading the page). On the Goldeneye website you can play a cool Flash thing where you see how 'villainous' you are and by accumulating a certain amount of points you can enter things such as sweepstakes. Check out the promotion website by clicking the banner below.

<script language='javascript1.1' SRC="http://ad.doubleclick.net/adj/N2790.HypeCouncil/B1427187.6;abr=!ie;sz=468x60;click=http://www.hypemakers.net/gera/go.php?v=e&adv=486&redir=;ord=[timestamp]?">

The other game we are promoting, MOH:PA, has an official demo which you can download and play, it looks pretty awesome but the filesize is pretty hefty. Check out the banner below for more information.

<script language='javascript1.1' SRC="http://ad.doubleclick.net/adj/N2790.HypeCouncil/B1402125.5;abr=!ie;sz=468x60;click=http://www.hypemakers.net/mohpa/go.php?v=a&adv=484&redir=;ord=[timestamp]?">

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