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OPSM2 Netherlands Info

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This month's issue of Official Playstation 2 Magazine from the Netherlands features a massive nine page exclusive on San Andreas, containing 26 screenshots, some of which are new. There is a small amount of new info mainly on CJ's skils. GTAXclusive have posted scans on their site if you would like to see them.

- You can control trams by yourself.

- You can adjust the camera in different directions for example to prevent a crash during a chase.

- Tuning with your car will have no effect, only nitro will fasten up your car.

- If you gain enough experience you can control a tow truck. With this you can lift up cars and move them.

- While diving you can have a nice view on the fish. The time you can stay under water will be notified with a blue stamina meter.

- Underwater you can only use a knife.

- Rockstar isn't giving any information away about the animals, but in the water they saw some dolphins between the fishes.

- Sometimes a plane just crashes out of nowhere, accidents happen.

- You must earn some experience before you can play different types of games in Casino's.

- At the end of the game you would have made a small army of gangs.

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