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This isn't a big RP'ing forum though, to be honest not many GTA forums are. Unless you've come from GTAWH in which case RP'ing is fairly popular there for some reason.

Strange considering RP games in real life are a whole world away from GTA, it's a bit of a clash of interests.

I think our RP forum is just enough on it's own, we can't warrant multiple subforums with little interest in them.

The RP and Warzone forum has several pinned topics with guidelines etc, there are also two collaborative RP threads you can read. But feel free to start your own. I'm not an RP'er myself so I have nothing to do with the RP rules, but if you're experienced feel free to write some yourself because I believe all the people who wrote the currently pinned topics are gone now.

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The RP aspect of GTAWH is more of a writer's area than brief, often pointless mini-posts. There, the RP work and talents are more authors than bit scratchers, offering up long, detailed stories about the GTA world. There's a bit of misunderstanding a lot of times, as displayed above, about RPing and ANY genre/game world. See, RP work isn't limited by anything, nor does it "clash" with anything, because the term "RP" stands for "Role Play"

As soon as you log into your fave GTA title, like it or not, YOU are now playing, in a loose sense, an RPG. You are, for the duration of your play, pretending to be the character, which, by definition, is role playing. GTA, with SA went deeper into the RP side of things, with stats you need to improve on, much like any standard RPG available.

The "RP" area here is, without doubt, light on writing and depth. That's because here the staff caters to a different breed of GTA fan, and story writing isn't of much interest to the member base. In order for a deeper RP system to be worth anything, a decent population of strong writers would have to emerge, and I don't see that as likely. The setup here, as on the warehouse and many other GTA type forums who support "Gangland" areas, is tailored to suit the population. Again, the format is neither "right" or "wrong" in a general sense. The format is right if it meets the needs and wants of your member base, which it seems to, for the most part.

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