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    Anything rally, snowmaching would be my favourite thing to do though go Canada.

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  1. first mother fuckin comment bitches!

  2. The weather channel, am I cool or what and I just learned I get a snowday today we got 2 feet of the white stuff last night.
  3. To name characters they could build ion some code, where it would say something like, say this members name, you use a Mic and then it saves how you pronouce the name. I don't know if thy could do this but im sure they could change your voice to fit other characters. Also I want full first person mode (optional) because 3rd is fun. I think it would be cool if you saw the interior of the car while driving and you could fight in first person all the time. (optional).
  4. A house in Las Santos, has a porch that protects from heli fire and you can shoot through porch windows. Near the burger spot where OJ Loc missions take place.
  5. I think it should rap up all the series, have CJ meet up with Tommy and such. Kinda wraps up the whole trilogy, you don't play as CJ/Tommy but you could run into all the charaacters.
  6. I like the idea of sorting out the consols to PC, xbox, playstation and nintendo instead of compeltely specific , maby oldies
  7. Definantly North0West Ontario it would be sweet we have towns up here a big lake, snow mountains fields perfect location!
  8. My favourite vegatable is definantly the potato so many things oyu can do with it.
  9. I think there should be many multiplayer modes such as Create a gang as mentioned above where you create a gang, and rival other gangs, something like multiplayer deathmatch where oyu just fight on a designated map or area of the game, and I would really like a freeroam feature where oyu could drive, npc civilians would be included (missions would not) but the only difference is there are other people in the world. I also want anythign multiplayer to be made by Rockstar and not a mod afterwards and it should be inclued on ever sytem the game is released on. Rockstar if you're going to put the 2 player free roam back in make it splitscreen!!!!!!!!I'm sick of it, its one player excpet one person gets to move a circle aorund the screen while oyu drive!!!!!!!
  10. I'm an xbox owner and i'm getting it for 360, give us xbox owners Multitheft Auto i'm dieing to try it, xbox live could work it so why not give it a shot come on!
  11. Shoreside, its pretty sweet, I find there is more to do there.
  12. gta-connor


    Finially someone that thinks runescape is ok
  13. gta-connor


    Lol I guess this is wrong forum for runescape chat, it doesnt stack up to GTA. I got bored of GTA though so runescape is a spare time thing till GTA 4.
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