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GTA: Maybe A New Age?

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Theres has been several rumors about "this may be the last GTA game" I highly doubt that. I mean yes they done mafia several times and now gangs, so how can they improve. That I dont know but I have made a CD or 2 im my day and I looked at the back of the San Andreas CD ad it looks as if Rockstar only used about 20% of the CD. Now my eyes maybe misleading me but thats how it looks.

As for Rockstar overdoing it I think this is a major step in the gaming industry. Never before has this been done to such a complex scale. You have many different games with in one.


Various Arcade Games







Fighting including Boxing



Car Modifying




and much more......

This if you look at it from the element stand point has something for everyone from the mom who grew up playing space invadors, The dad that played Knockout Kings, the little brother playing Need for Speed, to the sister playing Sims. This game has a wide range of categories for all game lovers. Unfortunely you have to learn to do them all but that makes getting to the part you love 10 times more better.

I just hope Rockstar hasnt set the bar to high that they are unable to top GTA:SA and we start looking at the same game just different scenery. As happy as I am San Andreas is out I would love to be in that Development Room when they pull out the drawing board for the next game. I have no doubt in my mind that they left somethings out for a new edition.

There were also worries about the need to feed and training CJ but i have found this to be a breeze. Its not as complicated as some would think, and just playing smart you can just go about your regular missions and every once in a while when you run across a gym stop in and workout on the way or grab a bite to eat.

None the less you have to admit that GTA:SA has fulfilled all you expectations and then some. Strap yourselves in as Rockstar takes us into a New Age of gameplay.

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