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  1. Hey everyone,

    How has everyone been? I feel like it's been ages since I communicated with the old crew. (Sure, I have occasionally posted in the past but I was almost always intoxicated. :hurrhurr: )

    Also I noticed Chris82's been absent since February...what gives? I always liked him, he's a smart cookie.

  2. Let people waste their life and money on drugs, why should we care? We cant force them to live a decent life instead of lyin in some alley for years.

    Spending money on drugs is no different than spending countless dollars on mindless entertainment: videogames.

    Yes I just bumped a very old thread. :awesome:

  3. Very strongly.

    I think we all get to go somewhere wonderful after we die. Like a sort of heaven, I suppose. It makes sense, doesn't it? The entire point of being is to simply enjoy yourself. That's why there is an unimaginably wonderful place out there somewhere! Some of us have to stay behind, though, because we need to be the grim reapers and collect souls of the about-to-be-dead. It's like doing others a favour. Eventually, we'll get our lights and be allowed to join all the others into this wonderful place. After someone replaces us, that is.

    Those 20% of the world's population living in poverty would unanimously disagree with "The entire point of being is to simply enjoy yourself."

    I don't have a belief on what happens after death; we simply do not know. As much as I would like to believe in some wonderful fantasy land where everyone is apparently rolling on an unlimited supply of MDMA for an eternity, that's just too far fetched.

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  4. I don't go along with the crowd, I don't give a shit who uses them or how many people do use them.

    You're missing the point.

    It's clear you'd rather follow your nonconformism than take our [exceptional] advice, so I'm not arguing over this anymore because it's not an issue of personal preference. I guarantee it will slow down your progression and become a nuisance. You'll realize this eventually.

  5. LOL, do you really think I give a shit if people think I'm a "poser skateboarder"? I find it funny that part of your definition of a poser includes having a tailbone on your board. Apparently skills have nothing to do with your "skateboarder status" as long as you pull off the look.

    I personally don't skateboard to have any particular image, I skateboard to have fun with my friends and I'd rather not spend a whole lot of money to do so.

    What I'm trying to say is I've been skateboarding for 8+ years, been to countless skateparks and street spots, and yada yada yada...I have yet to see one Pro, Am, park rat, street skater, or even a poser use tailbones.

    Why do you think nobody uses them? Do you think the majority of skateboarders are just illiterate? Nope. We don't need or want them, they only get in the way. If they work for you then great, go for it. :cheers:

    But for kicks I'll ask Mike Maldonado what he thinks of tailbones. I'll let you know. :hurrhurr:

  6. ...I've already ruined three pairs of shoes from doing shit like that. Like I said before, buying tailbones is the best financial way to go.

    Skateboarding will shred your shoes, it's a fact. Get over it! Tailbones may save your tail, but it will only prevent you from progressing, trust me it will get in the way.

    But hey if you want to slap something on your tail it may as well be a tail devil spark plate. :hurrhurr: I'm not trying to be an ass, but really... don't bother with the tailbones.

  7. If your wheels wear out from power slides then you'd have to be doing power slides a shit load or the wheels are just shit to begin with.

    If I use my shoes to stop then I'll wear them out. They would wear out a lot faster than wheels would from power slides. Which brings me back to tailbones. It's the best financial way to go.

    If you're doing power slides on a rough surface, your wheels will get flat spots very fast, believe me.

    Your shoe will be fine. :)

    So should I put it together in that order?

    You could put the trucks on before the wheels, but you need to grip your board first...if you bolt on the trucks then grip the board you'll cover up the bolts, and that's just silly.

    The grip tape is, in simple terms, just a huge sand paper sticker...right? Do I just lay it on the board as best as I can and cut the last bit off?

    Yeah, it's basically just a sticker with sandpaper on it. You can't just slap the griptape on the board though, you'll get bubbles just like you would with any sticker. When applying grip I always line up the grip and start from one end of the board and slowly work my way to the other side, making sure there are no bubbles. You'll need a razor to cut away the extra grip.


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