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  1. i think that if u win the enemy don has to give up some of his territory
  2. thedon121

    Ninja Cheat

    uh, dude, that's a little off of the topic why dont u go to the questions section of the forums and ask them.
  3. if u have, say a golf club, if u use it once than will it be gone forever?
  4. thedon121

    Puzzling Prizes

    call me stupid, but how are assorted numbers and letterssupposed to translate into a sentence in any language?
  5. thedon121

    GTA PSP Officially Announced

    its gonna be the best handheld on the market 4 at least the next 3 years; im definetly getting the PSP!!!
  6. thedon121

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    im not sure about the button combos; that would be more like a fighting game and that would kinda ruin the experience 4 me
  7. thedon121

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    also no children, i don't know about u guys but i dont buy games so that i can catch a 3 year old on fire with a molotov
  8. thedon121

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    uh no cuz i remember on the first mission "ryder" said "keep up mutha fucker"
  9. thedon121

    The PSP

    i think a dollar is worth like 2/3 of a euro, so it should be about the same price to the british
  10. thedon121

    Will you be getting it?

    GTAA is a waste of money. why did R* even bother with it?
  11. thedon121


    yes there's combines that u can get into, u just have to either shoot one and hope he gets scared then falls out, or find a parked 1
  12. thedon121

    The PSP

    there r around 275 million people in the USA, and i'll bet at least 40 million of those peole want a PSP, thats why u should pre-order them
  13. thedon121

    GTA4 Forum

    how do u get banned?
  14. thedon121


    hey, uh, "metalchik", katie is at the country club in san fierro practicing t'ai chi
  15. thedon121

    The minigun

    u can get a mini gun on top of the san fierro side of the kincaid bridge if u have access to a jetpack and the third island, and u can find the sword(katana) in china town in a back alley