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  1. Did you see anything explode? Any weapons? BrennyO
  2. they're probably just showing off the variety in just one group of pedestrians I guess.
  3. hey a little off topic here, but has anybody else noticed that at 30 seconds in the left to right pan shot - all the peds are women?
  4. I want the monster truck back. That thing was awesome in SA.
  5. yeah the cars variation is still clumping noooooo
  6. FCR-900 has higher top speed than NRG-500
  7. The Epsilon-quoting backpacker is usually hanging around those park benches west of Los Santos International (sic) Airport. Once I tried starting a new game in San Andreas and cycling straight there just to kill a Epsilon-backpacker before anybody else in the game. No effect to "most hated gang" stat so not a recognised gang in the game?
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