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    Jitty cars

    Well it's sort of my FPS that makes cars jittery and not very smooth, this is when I have everything on high, and I don't really know what the problem is, it's not as if my 8400M GT 512MB card can't handle it, I'm using Vista aswell =/ Thanks for any advice/info
  2. .naVA

    Jitty cars

    Yeah, everything on low it runs fine, but on the box it says Vista is supported =/ I'm downgrading to XP soon anyway
  3. .naVA

    Downgrade SA v2 -> v1

    How exactly is this gonna fuckup my game/pc? And whats the chance of it doing that? lol
  4. Basicly I have put in some of my own tracks and they don't play, can anyone help me? I have v2.00 if that helps...
  5. GTA is quality, you shouldn't download >_>
  6. .naVA

    Favourite Gang Car

    Hoods Rumpo XL - sounds good, and has decent acceleration...for a van
  7. .naVA

    No Planes

    Theres also New Jersey, and I think there will be a plane in it, in GTA 3 they had a plane, but becuase the game was due to launch just after 9/11 they cut off the wings, and named it the Dodo, I should also expect helicopters. And nice ones