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  1. LostFender

    Three Word Story

    ...because he was...
  2. LostFender

    With which hand do you write better/faster ?

    I'm left handed, but (surprisingly enough) I play guitar right handed. Since I couldn't find a left-handed guitar, nor could I afford one, I had to learn guitar right-handed. It was total hell, but I later learned and now it's much more easy. Answer: Left-handed.
  3. LostFender

    Introduce Yourself..

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! It's pretty nice around here. Welcome LazLow86 and Hahamu.dk, you'll like it around.
  4. LostFender

    worst music genre

    Rap sucks, as everyone has said. There are only very, very few artists I think are just OK. And those annoying chavs... Country... horrible. Whatever crap Paris Hilton sings... oh no wait, she doesn't sings, it's someone else's voice... ...but, how come no one has mentioned the one and only... ...emo?! Do I even have to say it?
  5. LostFender

    Pirates of the caribean 3

    I'm going to watch it, no doubt. I'm a fan of both Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp. The first one was excellent, the second one was, well, pretty cool, but no better than the first one. Though, the ending is... surprising.
  6. LostFender

    What are you listening to right now?

    AFI | Kill Caustic
  7. LostFender


    300 is the best movie I've seen about that kind of stuff. I love it, it was excellent even though critics say it blows. Pretty good. Oh yeah, you might want to see this, it's better if you've seen the movie.
  8. LostFender

    What MP3 player do you have?

    I love my CD player, I copy my mp3's to a CD and hear them on it. It has great sound quality. Forgot the model, but it's Walkman. My W810i, has 512MB Memory Stick. I use it when I don't have my CD player, like in school. My computer, 70GB. I love my iTunes library.
  9. LostFender

    Favourite Song

    Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche by Escape The Fate Paradise City by Guns N' Roses Say This Sooner by The Almost
  10. LostFender

    Favourite Music Genre

    I'm in 60's-70's-style hard rock and heavy metal. I also hear some alternative rock and... *sigh* some punk and post hardcore.
  11. LostFender

    What are you listening to right now?

    Led Zeppelin | All My Love
  12. LostFender

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi there! I'm LostFender, and I'm new here (duh). I joined after Blackadder recomended the site, and there are quite other people I know here. I'm over at GTAF as well. The forums looks pretty cool. I'm also into GFX, so I'll be taking requests... @Blackadder: ...are you leaving GTAF?!