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  1. 24 enjoys balls in its mouth

  2. - the guy has principles - he got some balls - he got the style - he got ray liotta's voice - he's good with woman, he can control woman, not being controlled by woman like CJ
  3. WE WANT VICTOR! hahaa.. seriously.. i think it does matter, considering this site represent the GTA games. so why there's no vic in the site banner??
  4. considering GTA IV takes place in Liberty City, i think there must be a STRETCH or some kind of limousine.. one more thing: there's gotta be a lot of exotic cars dude!
  5. heyy everyone!! say hello to your little friend! cause he's back after a quite long time..
  6. WTF Wu Zi Mu lol. Kinda random and mean unless I'm missing something here.

  7. too bad Rockstar does not release PS2 version of the GTA IV, the platform just goes in Playstation 3, Xbox 360
  9. blondie - heart of glass (while cruisin' in VCS)
  10. i choose Vice City as my favourite all time GTA, great cast, character, nice musics, and the 80's background with lot of cocaine issue. man, it's so unforgettable. but remember San Andreas features, like the gym, tatoo, restaurant, girlfriend, gambling and it's huge map. that's completely a blast too! both GTA are great, but somehow i prefer start playin' Vice City again?hahahh..
  11. thanks for the info man, yeahh, now i remember, i played manhunt too. i just dragged this info from grandtheftwiki.com: Carcer City is a city located near Liberty City. It was used in another Rockstar game, involving a mass murderer named James Earl Cash. Both of these cities are located in the eastern coast of Rockstar's fictional America-type country. Besides all of this, Carcer City is an industrial town north of Liberty City with corrupt police chief Gary Schafer and a snuff film director who apparently calls the shots in town. There are white supremacists, murderers, and other sorts of criminals and rogues who rampage through the streets of Carcer City. Carcer City is most likely based off Newark, Detroit, Philidelphia or Cleveland. i bet it would be so possible the next GTA will be held in this city
  12. to: the so called MrLlamaLlama, for your information, i never say that i was wrong, sure i know how to reason, i'm a reasonable man, like don vito corleone. what i'm telling in this topic is about some information that i believe is a fact. and if you're telling me that i should accept that somebody is attacking my argument, it is you that should be pitied. definitely you're the one who should grow up. this is not about you've done some pot or another type of drugshit, this is about me and my opinion about drugs. i believe every country defend that one's opinion are one of human right, and you are able to defend it from anyone who disagree about it. have you ever heard about the word DEMOCRACY? i guess you have a lot to learn MrLlamaLlama
  13. you may know, but not everyone know i guess by the way, BUSH SUCK! hahahh.. what a random opinion..
  14. Sicily would be a great idea in europe, the mafia tradition would make GTA more interesting and educating for all the gamers who loved organized crime story. by the way, i don't really know about Carcer city. in which GTA carcer city was mentioned? and what city represent carcer city? hahh.. i guess i forgot..
  15. On every street in every city, there's a nobody who dreams of being a somebody. taglines from taxi driver (1976 movie) - actor: robert de niro this movie definitely one of my favourite movie, one of martin scorsese's classic genius work Robert De Niro 'plays' the character of Travis Bickle, a lonely, isolated, and psychotic taxi driver and young Jodie Foster 'plays' as the teenage prostitute he attempts to save. i bet you're gonna love this movie as a matter of fact: In the video game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, an unlockable taxi cab named the '76 Bickle is available after completing 100 fares in the "Taxi Driver" side mission.
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