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  1. Most of the game stores here around where I live will be open Monday at midnight and stay open for one hour till 1am Tuesday morning for the people who pre ordered the game.
  2. I ordered mine also through Amazon a few weeks ago. It says it shipped out today
  3. "In other related news, pictures of the special edition packaging of the game have surfaced. They appear to be from an Australian store, those can be found here. Lastly, it appears an ad for GTA IV which was featured on Chicago’s buses has been removed. The official report from Fox News can be found here. Reasoning behind the ad being taken down was due to it being “violent.” You can discuss the ad and more, in our forums." I think we are going to see in game footage well before the Tuesday launch!! Those people in Australia holding the game and taking pictures need to take it home and play!!
  4. Yeah, that is a scary read man!! Here is the summery: "Offer to Purchase for Cash All Outstanding Shares of Common Stock (Including the Associated Preferred Stock Purchase Rights) of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. at $26.00 Net Per Share by EA08 Acquisition Corp. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts Inc. THE OFFER AND WITHDRAWAL RIGHTS EXPIRE AT 11:59 P.M., NEW YORK CITY TIME, ON FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2008, UNLESS THE OFFER IS EXTENDED. " I HATE EA!!!!!! They are brutally trying to take over Take Two's shareholders, this is a must read!!
  5. I thought the pic was a San Andreas mod or something at first, not that that's bad but the pic just looks washed out and downgraded to me. The videos however really don't show these adherent flaws so I am assuming its a problem of capturing a still picture from the game and the way its seen on the internet (okay, I may be making excuses now, haha!). But in all seriousness, I really don't think this is what the actual game will look like..... I hope. I really like the multi levelness of the pic though, very cool!!!!
  6. I wonder if you can play pool,basketball ect. during online mode with other live people. What do you guys think? Is it possible?
  7. I'm not to impressed with the new screen shots either. The graphics just look washed out and downgraded for multi player compared to the single player mode. But, one has to remember that the whole city will be accessible during online play with up to 16 players and 15 different modes. So, mabey they had to sacrifice quality over quantity a little bit for the online game to run smoother. Its not that big of a deal as it could be alot worse, there could be no multi player at all
  8. I wouldn't trust this auction either, like stated above his feedback rating is only 97% which is an "A" if your in school, but a definite "F" on ebay. I never bid on anything that has below 99% without doing an in depth look at why other buyers left negative ratings. In this sellers case, I wouldn't risk the transaction, even if Paypal is involved, but thats just me.
  9. Wow, I knew you could have the small arms and grenades while driving, but I didn't know all the other weapons could be used while driving!! Hmmm....Shooting with the rocket launcher while driving may be interesting!!!
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