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  1. Don't know if you're from Italy, or if that's just your flag. In America video games never sell out, its quite rare. New systems do on release, but an individual game almost never. Certainly not a PC game either, one that's just a rerelease / port. Its why I've always found the concept of pre-ordering quite funny, its obviously for sales reports and just assuring people buy it from a certain location, but the "secure your copy" bit is nonsense. Just going to walk into a Best Buy or whatever on the 17th and buy an Xbox copy, like I've done with every other game. I am interested in the Xbox One and PS4 situation. I don't even think they can get the regular 360 / PS3 games to work on those, I know the old systems used emulation, but surely its far more complicated and can't just be done on a very small single game level? (Though, the original Xbox 360 could played Halo and Halo 2 even without any backwards compatibility update, etc....). I suppose it would be wise of Rockstar to rerelease the game with any extra content they later release in a single package for the new consoles. There seems to always be a dry spell, even a year into a system's life. A release around next holiday would allow them to cash in on many double-dippers.
  2. You do realize graphic designers and the like are the ones who create such artwork, correct? Packaging and all promotional works in general are handled by their art team, who are illustrators, graphic designers, etc. You may not be familiar with what a "graphic designer" actually is, which is understandable (in no way meant to come off condcending), but it isn't someone who actually designs the graphics of a video game or anything like that. Just artwork direction, things such as font choice, overall style, etc. etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphic_design
  3. As someone who's been studying graphic design for the past couple years, I can't help but get excited by this kind of stuff. Glad to see they're not ditching the trademark look.
  4. Hah I remember all you doods, hopefully this place gets going again soon when the news starts rolling out.
  5. How old are you n the Mrs's?!
  6. Sherman! What's up dood! Still working on the whip? I've been pretty well mate, good to see you've stuck around!
  7. I'm assuming they'll have a mix of everything. I would like to maybe see a modern, "indie" rock radio station with the likes of Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Kigns of Leon, Strokes, etc. I'm sure they'll have a '70s rock station, as most regular cities do. For something of that type, I think I'd pick Steppenwolf, The Guess Who, Free, Bad Company, KISS ('70s only, really). Those groups just have that screaming '70s masculinity about them, don't they lol. Doesn't get any more "tough" than those, super-macho groups. Of that time period altogether my favorites would probably be Beatles (obviously, probably not going to happen), Jimi Hendrix Experience, Velvet Underground, Deep Purple, etc.
  8. Hello all. Think I might try to stick around, seeing as how the game should be coming out soon. Hope I haven't been forgotten .
  9. wassup, bitches.

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    2. MrLlamaLlama


      Yeah man it's good. Still got around about 4 keys of that powder left, most of the strippers died in Chris' basement so we're on the down-low for now.

    3. Chris


      Zdravo Mišo!! Sup bro?

    4. MishoM


      not much my dood, hows life with yourself? i need to download MSN or whatevs you're using now lol, Skype or whatever to chat a bit!

  10. Eminem is originally from Detroit, about 15-20 minutes from my house. A lot of people around here know him or have met him. My French teacher used to work at a pizza place with him. My favorite decade would be the 2000s. Most of my favorite bands either came out or got popular during these past 10 years (Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Muse, etc.).
  11. Favourite Worst Nightmare - Arctic Monkeys I love every song on it. Even Balaclava.
  12. happy new year from the TGTAP couple admins. and misho!
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