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  1. HavanaCigars

    Beta SA peds

    We all know that in the unreleased (beta) version of GTA San Andreas were lots of other peds.I found a few models and/or textures in the IMG files.For example: -csplas1=possibly an beta Pulaski model,or a beta character's model named Officer Carver (cut from final version of SA) -csblue2 a beta errored model found in cutscene.img.I think it is a beta grove member. -cssuit2 a ped in a black suit,with a suitcase i his hand.Beta mission ped? -csstew a beta ped,cartoonish style,like gta3 beta. -csbfyst same shitty quality as csstew. -csmech beta mechanic. stew.bmp suit2.bmp blue2.bmp BFYST.bmp SMECH1.bmp plas2.bmp
  2. Will GTA V have a prison system?

    1. BlackListedB


      There's a prison, don't think it's really utilized, even less then GTA IV

  3. Hakuchou looks Japanese or Chinese,reminds me of Sleeping Dogs.
  4. HavanaCigars

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    I really loved Flash FM and Vrock.I loved driveby-ing into haitians while listening to these two.