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    [IMG]http://www.samus.co.uk/maynardstool/MT/Sigs/grove.gif[/IMG]<br><br>[IMG]http://img93.echo.cx/img93/4329/mememe3dd.gif[/IMG]<br>[IMG]http://img75.echo.cx/img75/6343/sig2tu.gif[/IMG]<br><br> just to remember the linkS -)
  1. Byrzed, the KFM legend

  2. Get back to the forums Bryce!

  3. Bryzed

    Your piccys..

    ***edited by me*** You see Wrongy, people wont know who you are if you leave no trace of your ID, next time.... i hope you do leave some trace, coz i aint asking again!!!! Mikey
  4. Bryzed

    Your piccys..

    Oh well, thanks for that opinion, lol
  5. Bryzed

    Your piccys..

    Lmfao, i knew you were going to say that or whatever...i just know you too good for YOUR own good, well.... if anyone else passes through here give ur opinion too.... lmfao
  6. Bryzed

    Your piccys..

    OH well, i just got around to make a new one...its like 1 week old. Hope ya like it...
  7. Bryzed

    RATE Person above you

    AV: 8/10 *i loves doom* sig: 8/10 *i loves doom 2* pers: I dont know him that much
  8. Bryzed

    New Sig: DOOM

    Neat, its pretty sick !!! I like it, we should revive the signature competition, considering i got like 1G$.... i might be the host and put some reward money.... Tell me what you guys think and i will do it if you all agree
  9. Bryzed

    Guess who's back, back again

    Ey!!! Wazzup, dont worry...we are pretty cool. Cam, I did consider you as a friend, but considering that during the 2 years or less that you were in the community, you have over 20 websites and 10 forums...screwing me in over 8 projects (without counting recent ones). Using friend's online ressources several times (..gtagaming, thegtaplace...)...im pretty much done talking to you. I dont think im SO cool, but ey im cool alright! Lol Anyways, i didnt make fun of you, but it was something related so i remembered your history and then i mentioned the fact of the amount of failed projects you had, but it was brief. In any case, i do not have to explain myself to you as it would end up in you dissapointing me again, somehow.
  10. Bryzed

    Remy is coming back here

    Remy...Remy...Remy.... it sounds familiar, but anyways....welcome back
  11. Bryzed

    Guess who's back, back again

    Hi...thanks ppl... i feel loved for the first time roflmfao, Anyways, glad you remember me, coz im here to make a difference !
  12. Bryzed

    Im leaving

    Ok, its been long time since i havent been here so i wont judge. but is it me or everyone that leaves, no matter if its an old member or just a newbie...they always say my friends : Chris...Spaz..Sky...etc, i mean, i dont give a shit...but they aint ur friends, you probably talked to them a few times...but 99% of the time they aint friends. So dont try to make a goodbye topic and put people like Chris so you look important, its pathetic. Again, im not talking to "Steven" but im talking in general.
  13. Bryzed

    Guess who's back, back again

    Ya... i love them, but not as much as your sig.... lol.... dont worry
  14. Bryzed

    Guess who's back, back again

    I noticed *looks at his sig*... but anyways, how come you got like 50 names all over the community, lol...its like cam but instead of sites, its names