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    Spying on lions (and tigers). In Kenya.
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    Promoting eternally grey stubble.

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  1. Akuma


    Tobias Funke, M.D Analrapist Professionally, I'm an analrapist.
  2. (why is everyone getting so young now)
  3. Akuma


    STOP CHANGING YOUR NAMES YOU arhgahah and no i don't play guildwars, i grew up, yo
  4. V

    What a moving statement. :P

  5. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM BOOM GRENADE LAUNCHER LOLOL OH SHIT VOTEBANNED FOR NOOB TUBE Yeah that's pretty much CoD4 multi summed up in one nice sentence. It's fun as though. Sort of like CoD2.
  6. Do want, that's amazing. My story is the same deal as Slayer's. And bass is awesome. If you listen to lots of rock, and strip the bass, it becomes absolutely horrible.
  7. Akuma

    Assassin's creed

    It isn't that good, IMO. The combat system sucks major ass, the AI is major ass, the gameplay itself is major ass and the story is pretty ass, though it was a pretty interesting premise. One interesting scenario: I was walking down the street LIKE ANY OTHER GUY DRESSED IN WHITE WITH WEAPONS AROUND HIS BODY, right, and a guard comes up, and it's all like DO YOU WANT TO COUNTER and I'm like YEAH DUDE and he chucks a knife thing and it hits a random civilian for some unknown reason AND I GET SWARMED AND DIE. EVEN WHEN THE COMBAT SYSTEM DOESN'T ALLOW SWARMING. Or something like that. Doing this at a games expo doesn't help either.
  8. Akuma


    Spiders, Spaz the Great, Heavy Weapons Guy, Barack Obama, Dave Mustaine, Spaz the Great, Gangsters
  9. I wouldn't mind meeting myself, heard I'm quite the cool character.
  10. Tom Morello, that is all. Also, I rocked out Through the Fire and Flames on expert, 4% ;D
  11. Eddie Brock (Venom) shares a cell with Cletus Kasady (Carnage) in the comics, and the symbiote spreads from Venom to Carnage, creating a totally insane super-villain.
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