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    The PSP

    My mate got his on Monday, the store which he bought it released it too soon. http://boards.gtainjection.com/index.php?showtopic=1444 Well that was the last I heard from him, surely I can understand why. Edit: Gamespot says the 1st million sold will include Spiderman 2. Oh and if you want a good PSP video review that is over 8 minutes long I suggest you go here >> http://psp.conics.net/videos/ and scroll down to "system review"
  2. Clear pics for taking PS2 screenshots? Well I gues then you need a video card that has that capailitie. Is that what your talking about?
  3. Driv3r is so full of glitches. 3 times this has happened: Like for instance I went up a ramp. Then when I viewed the replay a completely diferent thing happened. The car didnt go near the ramp. Instead it drove into a wall. The player got out and starting hopping. Running and randomly hopping down the street. Was real strange cause I didnt play like that and the replay had a mind of its own.
  4. http://forums.thegtaplace.com/uploads/post-4-1105822134.jpg Thats hot!
  5. Sorry I was busy over the couple of days. Sure you can be on the team. Writing content maybe? Taking screens. Forums. etc. News etc. Just telll me what you want to do.
  6. [ Link Removed ] Yes I'm making my own gta fansite. What I want to know from you is: Would you prefer vBulletin or IPB? Also please register at the forums and make atleast one post. If you dont want to, then you just stay here at the best GTA Fansite ever, If you dont know what it is, I'm talking about The GTA Place.
  7. Nice going Chris! I have a feeling that I am part of the "popular demand"
  8. Well I changed the pic that I made as a joke with my friend over at operationgta.com . Some of their members got mad and started to spam my sites forums. A whoping 1300+ in a matter of a hour. I feel owned
  9. I wonder how long it will take for him to notice that he got pwned
  10. How bout I give you one for free? How bout I give you 200 for free
  11. I learn from you everyday Chris. I saw there's a page that www.operationgta.com uses for their devolopement. So I saw my random image script that I use on www.gtainjection.com . The random images that were displayed was all from my site and even linked to them Link : http://www.operationgta.com/index1.php If they removed it here's the proof >> http:// www.gtainjection.com/Smoke/opgtahotlinking.jpg
  12. You realy wanna sell them? Yes I know people all over the web does it, but you come here to advertise? You know I have like 4 gmail accounts so I can send like 200.
  13. There is a sulotion to this idea for the "Dojo". Chris, on invisionize.com there is a mod that makes a member only view and post if he has a certain post count. For instance he would only be able to view and post in the "Dojo" forum when he has a 100 post count. Here is the link : IPB mod
  14. *Editing post cause cant delete. and moderators if you want to warn me of spamming, talk to Chris first. Lol I must look like the wizest n00bie here.
  15. Yeah the sig add helped thegtaplace alot. Coming down to a nice amount of 1135 unique hits. Thats $170.25. Azjeans is already climbing up with a unique hit count of 54 at the moment. Way the go.
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