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  1. gta-player


    Lmao at the last one. This was definetly the bright side of my day, as it was pretty shitty.
  2. gta-player

    I got to test the Xbox360

    I went to Walmart yesterday , and I got to test the 360. I enjoyed every single second of the 1 and a half minute I got to play. This asshole that was there before me was hogging up the 360. I waited behind him for at least 20 minutes. And when I thought he was done, the fuckin bastard gives it to his 6 year old son! Anyway, I was pissed, so at last, he left, and I got to play, and a minute after I had to go. But I had a good go at Call Of Duty 2. I played the part where one of the soldiers kicks the door open and gets shot at with a turret. Then I threw a frag inside to get rid of the guy in the turret, then went upstairs and threw another granade. (The smoke looks awesome!) There was a huge hole in one of the walls, and there were buildings in the other side of the street and 2 turrets in the street. I shot at the guys in the other buildings, then the ones in the turrets. Then I jumped off, got on one of the turrets, and I had to live. But the shooting feels awesome, and the graphics looked great too. Too bad I played for so little that I can remember everything I did! Whatever......anyway, can't wait for the 22nd...
  3. gta-player

    I got to test the Xbox360

    Nice, congrats. I havent' got to try one out yet , but I think I have to go to Waltmart this this weekend, so I'll give it a try there if it's not broken yet (like most of the consoles Waltmart has to try out).
  4. gta-player


    ive never listened to lil jon hey, gta-player, i like eminem to but his rap is like fake rap. How is it fake rap? I like 50 Cent too, but he's nowhere close to being as good as Eminem imo.
  5. gta-player

    Three Word Story

    Then Bigfoot came...
  6. gta-player


    Rap is the only music I listen to. My favorite rapper's Eminem.
  7. gta-player

    Your age

    I'm 17. Gonna turn 18 in December.
  8. gta-player

    Microsoft & Pepsi

    Of course they do: Every 10 minutes, 24/7, for 9 weeks straight! That's 144 XBoxes a day, 1008 XBoxes a week, and a total of 9072 XBoxes after 9 weeks... >>>Game Informer Online
  9. gta-player

    What game consoles do you own

    I got an XBox and a PS2. Got both of'em for free.
  10. gta-player

    Favorite Music Vidio

    My favorite video would be "Fight Music" by D12.
  11. gta-player

    fave rapper/hiphopartist

    I like Eminem the best, I've heard he's gonna retire and get into production, but hopefully he won't.
  12. gta-player

    when your bored

    I'd just get on the internet and turn on the radio real loud.
  13. gta-player

    Three Word Story

    ...to steal a...
  14. gta-player


    Adding to what Sniper said: [img=your picture's URL address]