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  1. Did he even see this yet? Is there a discision I don't know about? Anyways can someone update me?
  2. Ok, just for all of you who doesn't know what a PS# Controller looks like...
  3. And if you do get hit their. Check your balls for lumps
  4. Oh yah, didn't you have that avatar with the dude dancing? That was odd but funny.
  5. Completely agree. Grove Street was shit. Mafia is funner, and a torture thing would be cool too.
  6. Great Site. It looks really nice. I'd suggest not to make forums unless your site hits big. Otherwise they will probably fail.
  7. No, I only advertised it to two people I think. One is Jr. and One was oh shit a long name. I didn't give us a bad name, and pm advertising isn't against the rules on the board. Besides, I don't directly say 'Come to this site' I ask people if they have an account here, because it's a small forum, and I wanna see if anyone I know is there too. And if they say no then I say you might wanna look into it sometimes, I don't even include a link.
  8. Welcome back, I think I remember you. Anyways, I'm at school and, I'm a little nervous I'll get caught, so see ya later person.
  9. Post your favorite Music Visio here. It doesnt even have to be about the music, just the vidio. Mine is Disco Inferno - 50 Cent for obvious reasons. (Unedited and not for the music)
  10. someone's a bit angry I liked Umberto. He always tried to score with girls in his cafe. And he is leader of the Cubans
  11. (This would be a bit tricky, but) I think it would be really cool to have Ammo. Like you buy 1 gun that can never go away but you buy ammo also. So you can use it more than once. Like you could use the ammo like three times before you have to buy more. There's my suggestion for you, hope you like it.
  12. Yeah but what happened to their gang? Sweet wouldn't get off his fat ass to save the gang. But when CJ comes it's a different story. Not to mention you save your brothers ass a few times...
  13. Create your character for the next GTA. Like his looks, his weapon, and basically anything you can thing of. Head: Short, well kept hair that was covered by a Mafia-Style Hat. Green eyes, and a thin mouth. Upper Body: Well built with a black suit and white undershirt. Lower Body: Black Pants covering his socks and Black shoes. Weapon: TommyGun Skin Tone: Tan Gang: The Mafia Car: Zonda C12S I will probably add more later. But I'm tired so I'm not thinking too well.
  14. Cool. Two of the guys I brought from XGTA Anyways, nice screens. My favorite screenshot is the one where Smoke and Ryder aare holding their Tec-9's out of the window, getting ready for a brive-by
  15. Yeah. Some people get over 100. Lucky them.
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