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  1. filthyrich751

    The Greatest Rap Duo

    hands down method man and redman
  2. filthyrich751

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    i would like to see -a create ur own guy option -a make ur own gang -some thing were u can buy things 4 ur gang teritory -some thing were u can kid nap other gang members and get info -all of the gta citys
  3. filthyrich751

    Clinton & GTA

    i played gta sa for over 50 hours in the first week and it never made me want to kill any 1 or have sex with a hooker most ppl look for things to blame when kids go out and do bad things like they tryed to blame maryln manson 4 the shootings at colmbie i think that it should be up to the parents to tell there kids what they can see and what not they want them to see
  4. filthyrich751

    the next gta

    were would be the best place to do the next gta i think it would be la in modern times and have real gangs like the bloods and crips
  5. filthyrich751


    dose any one have any pics of the ps3 or concept pics
  6. filthyrich751

    Which of these games is better

    i think san andreas and gta 3 were the best gta games out i didnt relly like vc i like the more gridier games
  7. filthyrich751

    GTASA on PC

    will the pc version have ad ons and multiplayer
  8. filthyrich751


    dose any 1 have any info on the ps3
  9. filthyrich751

    GTA PSP Officially Announced

    whens the psp comeing out