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  1. happy Bday Spaz, I bet you're having fun today. How do you convert money?
  2. Yea but thats what he gets for leaking the game, wow but really who cares thougth they have their copies if this was out earlier then it would have been bigger.
  3. I still play frequently and I pretty like it I wouldent mind seeing some new GTAIII stuff here.
  4. Ok i'll give you what I can for my sig now and the rest later
  5. O.............K its getting better I guess but you need to work harder it does not matter what people think so stop rushing to impress us and do your BEST work possible.
  6. Hey Bryzed i'll take one. Size: 500x125 360x90 Theme: Spiderman Based matrix Theme Text: Neon I am The One
  7. Hip Hip Horay for the Magnificent MVI I love your storys
  8. Their ok I guess but lil nine's right you just pasted words to images this is a true sig by Mwa if your wondering my name is N-Impulse on another Forum I made this a while back when I had photo shop free trial but its gone sigh:
  9. Funny Slavic It's cool you guys see min
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