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  1. Ill doo that soon, although i did it through Cadega (Paid for). Ill try a way to get games running with WINE too, hopefully i will and post the required DLL's needed for it to execute successfully. 100% with you there. Fad
  2. Thanks everyone, it now works. Pain in the ass doing everything in linux and it breaks by changing a minor thing =P
  3. Well as nobody has answered, could i request the FELTZER and the ZR350 carmods.dat and carcols.dat inputs. As it is crashing my my game, i would be greatful
  4. I am ambidextrous, i can write with both hands without difficulty or strain. I can write with both hands at one time. But sadly, im left-footed, and my right foot is totally useless. Fad
  5. Fad

    Problems with original

    I believe you can turn it off by pressing on of your function keys (f9 or f11 i can't remember) Fad
  6. Fad

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    Could try England or something based on that, maybe a change from america? Germany is a good idea as i visit every 2months, they seem to have an endless supply of alcohol. =]
  7. Fad

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Only a couple of things for my wishlist: 1) Being able to walk scoped (As in Sniper skill, beng able to walk whilst looking through scope) 2) Choice of Left or Right handed (I find this really irritating as i am left-handed, and my mouse is on the left side, meaning its harder for me to see the weapon i am currently equipped with)
  8. Fad

    Best GTA... Old Skool

    Has to be London! I like the fact its the ONLY game which allows driving on the left side, not just the right. I love london's mission clips too (clips which show characters interacting), and you can't beat the phones =p.
  9. Fad

    Who still plays these?

    I have no idea - mine is on a CD i bought a long time ago. Fad.
  10. Fad

    Who still plays these?

    I still play GTA London, great game. I like the fact it works perfectly well on linux platforms, using either cadega or wine. As someone else said, if it wasn't a good game when they were released, where would you think the money came from to make the newer games? When the first GTA was released it was very popular, i remember buying it around 10years ago, and i still have it.
  11. Hallo, everyone. I recently tried one of mods placed on this site. I can't remember which one exeactly but i do know that it caused my game to become corrupt. After thorough investigation i found that carcols.dat and carmods.dat were causing it. I had backed up gta3.img and player.img but forgot to back up carcols.dat and carmods.dat, and thats why im requesting both of them. Thanks if you reply and i greatly appreciate if i could play the game again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hallo, jeder. Ich versuchte kürzlich einen von auf dieser seite gelegten mods. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, der genau aber ich wirklich weiß, dass es mein spiel veranlasste, korrupt zu werden. Nach der gründlichen untersuchung fand ich, dass carcols.dat und carmods.dat es verursachten. Ich hatte gta3.img und player.img unterstützt aber vergaß, carcols.dat und carmods.dat, und thats warum im die frage um sie beide zu unterstützen. Danke, wenn sie antworten und ich schätzt außerordentlich, wenn ich das spiel wieder spielen konnte.