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  1. Cash

    Engine noises

    seriously the only sounds i liked was the monster truck and muscle cars
  2. Cash

    Coca Cola VS Pepsi

    check out this from youtube
  4. Cash


    can anyone be nice enough to give me some money i only have $15.
  5. Is there any whay i can download gta san andreas for free?

  6. Cash

    RATE Person above you

    ava 7/10 sig 10/10 personality not sure im very new
  7. I like The General Lee!!
  8. Cash

    GTA IV

    I dont think there will be one for the ps2 but i hope so because i have a ps2 and cant afford a new ps3.
  9. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    a 1963 corvete.I do not want this my neighbor does
  10. everybody has been telling me that why
  11. I have started to.why is everybody buggin me about that?
  12. Cash

    Replacing Gun sounds

    i will not tell you until you find me a BMW MONSTERTRUCK!!!!!!
  13. Cash

    Milestone money in bank

    can you give me some??please
  14. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    Bmw monster truck. come on it would be cool.Wouldnt it??
  15. Cash

    Milestone money in bank

    i only have five dollars all together! can anyone give me alot of money.
  16. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    thank you for the comment about dying it was so nice of you It has happened before arent you glad im still alive
  17. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    I know I get it from my sister.Where is my monstertruck/BMW!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    try and be nice if you get those done i wont ask you anymore.until tomorow.OK. i dont even have the game i just got on hear because i felt bored!!!!!!
  19. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    what about a kawasaki ninja?? is there a monster bmw m5.or any bmw monster truck.
  20. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    what about a lamborghini chountash?im not shure if its spelled right.
  21. Sorry.Im new.I want to see the hotfnife.
  22. Cash

    Looking for a car? v.2

    can you find the general lee from The Dukes Of Hazzard movie?
  23. Cash

    Run SA Windowed

    I dont know how?
  24. I want to see the bf injection and the diablo stallion.